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Are you ready for “Chocolate City” The new stripper movie titled is now filming.  The flick stars includes, Tyson Beckford, Vivica Fox, Ginuwine, Darrin Dewitt Henson, Michael Jai White and Carmen Electra. 

Will you go see Chocolate City when it hit theaters?




maury commercial breaks

Crine 😭😭😭

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I sometimes look at other black people and wonder why they do and wear certain things and sometimes I feel embarrassed until I realize that my people and our culture are sooooo unique and can do that shit!

Even if it’s frowned upon now, some other culture will pick it up and try to run with it when we’re done.

We’re the definition of a Vanguard Ethnicity.

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I’m a black man and it’s time to be accountable. It’s always left to black women to do and say everything. I decided to make these an post them, where i live, and travel. I want to state that the language is of this area (chicagoland) an directed solely at young black men who live here so it maybe off putting to people not from here. with that said im not posting all of the fliers here. Feel free to save. print an post these at your convince. This is part of SEU Blackstorm project. More to come.. - Yumii

You can follow our progess and future events here.



these are dope. seen em in hyde park, need to be national. yall know how it feels to see a sign defining misogyny and with a black power fist on it when youre just walking down the street?? exciting as fuck

I’m gonna start posting these around campus.


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godmuva I know you missed choir rehearsal last week but this is what we rehearsed 

Oh. My. God.

Definition of black excellence

That person yelling shut up in the background had me dying lol

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